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Restaurant Katz Orange


“Katz Orange is a place that feels like home because it combines a love of detail with a sense for the essential. Katz Orange is naturally merging sustainability and gastronomy based on its love for good food and wine but especially out of respect for life and human beings.

Being part of the Contemporary Food Lab, our restaurant follows a holistic approach: with all our actions we focus on humanity and mindfulness, we respect nature’s rhythms and use its resources carefully. We know where our produce is being sourced and get inspired by what surrounds us. And we are always aware that it needs good people to do extraordinary things.”

Food, Wine & Bar

“The inspiration of our cuisine and bar begins at our own doorstep and ends in the most remote corners of the world. Our menu changes with the season, our ingredients are sourced from suppliers and partners who share our philosophy. Whether it’s vegetables or meat: we try to use every product entirely. At Katz Orange we are always looking for quality, origin and authenticity.

Our wine list offers more than 150 wines, perfectly matching our cuisine, even featuring several vintages of our favourite wines. A selection of natural wines without any added sulphite complements our menu.“

Opening Hours

Restaurant & Bar are open daily from 6:00pm